• Free website

    We support and help to create a 'free' website. It may see unfamiliar so you may also need some coaching to learn how to add information to the site. Once the site is installed you will be able to run it yourself.

  • Design and Build

    Compile a website which will be able to include all your own images, graphics, logos, artwork and words then supply the files ready to be loaded onto your own hosting server or a third party. This gives the benefit of being able to budget for a single initial cost for development and keep all updating in-house

  • Full Service

    This includes the design, build, and hosting of a website along with user training and help with the content. Security updates will be applied when they are released so the site is always up to date. Base level SEO is built-in and there are regular backups of data.

  • Staff training and support

    Although websites are easy to update using simple forms there maybe a need for some initial coaching. With the best will in the world things will sometimes go wrong. In both these cases we offer ongoing help at a reasonable hourly rate (less than a plumber!). This can include site visits, on-line or by phone - during business hours.

  • SEO Extras

    Search Engine Optimisation is built-in to the website but for special purposes or to support major campaigns you might want to improve your keywording and monitor performance. There are a number of ways to increase your ranking and we can advise on the most suitable route: Site maps, keywording, webmastering, research, long-tail approach, etc.-

  • Copy writing

    The words you present on the site are important and you might be able to use extracts from existing brochures and advertising material. It is often found that these sources are not quite suitable and need finessing or some editing. We can review and improve what you have or create new words

  • Search Engine Ad Campaigns

    Paid for ads which appear on search engine pages must be designed to comply with your overall SEO policy and approach. Adverts are chargeable at a variable cost-per-click rate and careful planning is needed to get value for money.

  • Domain registration

    We can help you to select a suitable domain name and suffix, register, and publish it on the web by linking it to your new website